Rotarian Richard Burnett and his wife Chippy had the pleasure of meeting our two sponsored interns at Khwa ttu. The !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre is a centre of San culture and heritage that provides tailor-made training for young San women and men of Southern Africa.

Otto James is from Botswana (near Ganzi). He is 26 years old and completing the Guiding Course. His course includes not only tracking and guiding but communications, business plans, finance and funding and the history of the San Culture. On completion of the course, he will return to Botswana (Maun) and look for work.

Patricia Bladbeen is 27 years old and is completing the hospitality/ housekeeping course. Patricia hails from Andervale which is close to Upington. Her course includes many of the business skills required along with the needs of the hospitality market. With her new-found skills, she has a dream of opening an ECD school in Andervale with emphasis on San culture and what she has learned at Khwa Ttu.

We will keep our community posted on how these young people progress with their studies!