The Rotary Club of Newlands offers bursaries to students in need of financial assistance to complete their tertiary studies in a field of their choice.

Please read the following information BEFORE you apply for a bursary.

  • Bursaries may be awarded for various courses of study of different durations. However only registration fees, tuition fees, and required books will be included.
  • Bursaries may be awarded for courses that are two years or longer. However funding starts from second year onwards unless the circumstances are exceptional. (This means for example, that we would expect extended work experience in the chosen field, plus excellent references and/or testimonials, plus good matric results.
    Even then there is no guarantee that a first year bursary would be awarded).
  • The bursary is awarded per annum , but once a bursary is awarded, funding of the remaining years of the student’s course will be favourably considered, subject to the discretion of the committee, funding availability, and to the recipient passing.
  • Application forms received by the Rotary Club of Newlands are considered as they are received. Only written applications are considered.
  • Applications for the year of study should be made well in advance (usually at least 6 months) to allow for due process.
  • The main factors which determine the award of a Bursary are financial need, combined with academic merit.
  • Bursaries are usually for 75% of the course costs. Outstanding academic performance can result in a higher percentage of fees being awarded (up to 100%) subject to the discretion of the committee and to available funds.
  • Students doing a first degree or a basic or skills qualification are favourably considered. However a second degree may be considered subject to the discretion of the committee and to available funds.
  • South African Students based in the Western Cape are given preference. Those from outside of the Province will be considered if they intend to remain here. Non South African students will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.
  • We do not grant bursaries to two people from the same family at the same time. This would only be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Committee.
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